Godís Choice

A Laymanís Perspective on Predestination and Election


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Dave Dorst sm.jpgAs a PCA teaching elder and seminary professor, I'm recommending God's Choice: A Layman's Perspective on Predestination and Election by Dan Quakkelaar to every pastor I know and to all of my students. 


It is the best apologetic for the doctrine of election written for laymen that I've ever read. 


Because Dan has been a businessman, he speaks the language and knows which analogies and examples speak to his fellow laymen.  My prayer is that as Dan enters Covenant Seminary this fall he will not lose this ability and begin to speak "Preacher!" 


As you will see in the Foreword of the book, I enthusiastically vouch for Dan's integrity and humility, as will the TEs and REs who have served with him on the Session of Northwest Presbyterian Church in Dublin, Ohio.  A true servant of Christ's Church, Dan not only talks the talk effectively, he walks the walk with gracious faithfulness. 


I would encourage you to buy a number of these books to distribute to your members--both to equip Reformed saints to defend the doctrines of grace and to persuade those who have questions about the biblical and theological basis for the doctrines of election and predestination. 


Dr. Dave Dorst,

Honorably Retired TE and Adjunct Professor, RTS Orlando



Grace Must Be Free To Be Grace

Christians commonly define grace as Godís unmerited favor.But if we must walk an aisle, sign a card, or raise a hand to earn Godís grace, then salvation is not by grace at all.Grace comes as a costly gift from God.No person can earn it.It only comes by Godís Choice.


A book you can use.An easy read

Godís Choice is formatted to ensure the centrality of Scripture in the discussion of the doctrine of election.Each page clearly displays any related Scripture passages for quick and easy reference.The design of this book makes it easy to evaluate the authorís position in the light of Godís Word.



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Danís half hour interview on Faith Conversations.

Excerpt: Godís Choice Introduction



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The book should be in bookstores in August, distributed by Ingram, Baker & Taylor and Spring Arbor Christian Book Distributors.


Suggested retail price is $13.95, but you can get it for less.The book is 90 pages plus and introduction and index.